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Oma by von Trapp Farmstead

Oma is an American original – an intriguing but approachable washed-rind cheese that balances pungent and sweet flavors. The paste is soft, buttery, and almost pudding-like, but never runny. The rind is thin and mild for the style – an earthy foil to notes of roasted nuts and sweet cream.

  • Milk Type: Organic Raw Cow
  • Rennet: Traditional Rennet
  • Style: Washed-Rind
  • Aged: 60-90 Days
  • Quantity: 1.25 lb. Wheel
  • Availability: Year-Round


Sebastian and Dan von Trapp created Oma as a strategy for revitalizing their family’s hillside farm. Each generation has called for a fresh approach to keep the family business viable: their parents turned to certified-organic milk production while Sebastian and Dan have built a cheese house to transform this exceptional raw material into a unique and delicious cheese.

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